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August 2011/Ramadhan 1432H

ya Ramadhan datang lagi. Alhamdulillah kita sekali lagi diberi peluang meraikan kedatangan ramadhan..

Thanks for do ur shopping ere !!


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Next | Codroy Gaun | Various design

Next Gaun with soft codroy material

100% cotton

Available for size 4T only.

front view

type 1

back view have 2 lovely pocket on both side of the skirt

Color is pink very nice pink (NP1)


Also Available for red color (NR1)

Size available for red is 7T (9"x 21.5" long)
close up to the "next" word in front of the dress

other color added is dark purple age 6T

code (NDP1)

Dark Purple SOLD
Other design available as below

for these design only have 2 colorsavailable red color only for size 4T (SOLD) & 6T (available) Back view and close up the bottom dress... it got buttons...uniquedotspace@gmail.com or
Type 2

approx ~ 10" x 20.5" long

buttons can be loosen up to make the skirt longer

other color available is light purple for age 7T

Actual color more like below - close up to the front dress

approx ~ 10" x 21.5" long

All are sale for RM35/pc

Interested just email

shout @ shout box or drop us ur say...


Anonymous said...

codroy gaun ni ada utk 6-12mnth x?
pls reply to my email, nisa233@yahoo.com

UniqueSpace said...

hi nisa, i've reply to ur email..
neway, smallest size available is for 3years

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