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August 2011/Ramadhan 1432H

ya Ramadhan datang lagi. Alhamdulillah kita sekali lagi diberi peluang meraikan kedatangan ramadhan..

Thanks for do ur shopping ere !!


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Old Navy | 1 pair L/S | S/S T-shirt

Old Navy for boys.....
long sleave T with khakis pant

size for 12M boy

Price = RM20/pair

close up the front T
close up the khakis pant. Have 2 sides pocket
and 2 pocket near the waist..(front)
close up neck area. buttons

material 100% cotton

white T-shirt "wanna racer"

size 3-6months baby

close up back view of T-shirt. buttons..
Price = RM15/pc  NOW RM10
**item not include in the promo


Anonymous said...

Ada lagi tak yg old navy 1 pair tu??

UniqueSpace said...

hi..it been reserved..but first come first get it..

Anonymous said...

kalo still available, i nak...rm20 kan...postage brp?

UniqueSpace said...

hi..postage is vary depend on ur location.. min is RM5.. i'm using citylink courier..for further pls drop me an email..uniquedotspace@gmail.com

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